1995 American Gold Eagle

The 1995 Gold Eagle (Buy on eBay) represented the tenth year of issue for the gold coin series. As with all prior years of the series, coins were offered in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz bullion weights, carrying face values of $50, $25, $10, and $5. The mintages for this year would remain within the same basic range which held through most of the 1990s.

1995 Gold Eagle
1995 American Gold Eagle

The tenth anniversary of the series was celebrated with a special set in addition to the regular collectible offerings. The regular offerings for the 1995 Proof Gold Eagle (Buy on eBay) consisted of each of the four different weight coins offered individually or as part of a four coin set, containing one example of each proof coin.

A special 10th Anniversary Gold Eagle Set (Buy on eBay) was also offered which contained five different coins. This included the four different 1995 Proof Gold Eagles and the 1995-W Proof Silver Eagle. This coin was special because of the “W” mint mark. The regular 1995 Proof Silver Eagles were minted in Philadelphia and carried the “P” mint mark. Since only 30,125 of the 10th Anniversary Sets were sold, the 1995-W Silver Eagle became an instant key date coin. Today, this single coin typically sells for more than the other four gold coins combined.

During 1995, the price of gold stayed with a tight range mostly between $375 and $395 per ounce. The cumulative average price of gold for the year was $383 per ounce.

1995 Gold Eagle Specifications

Date: 1995
Mint Mark: none (bullion), W (proof)
Composition: 91.67% gold, 3% silver, 5.33% copper
Weight ($50 Coin): 1.0909 troy oz (33.930 grams)
Diameter ($50 Coin): 1.287 inches (32.7 mm)
Thickness ($50 Coin): 0.113 inches (2.87 mm)
Designers: Augustus Saint-Gaudens (obverse), Miley Busiek (reverse)

1995 Gold Eagle Mintage

Bullion Mintage: 200,636 (1 oz), 53,474 (1/2 oz), 83,752 (1/4 oz), 223,025 (1/10 oz)
Proof Mintage: 46,368 (1 oz), 45,388 (1/2 oz), 47,526 (1/4 oz), 62,667 (1/10 oz)

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