2001 American Gold Eagle

While the price of gold prepared for a long string of uninterrupted annual sales, demand for the 2001 Gold Eagle (Buy on eBay) bullion coins receded. The one ounce coin set a new record low mintage, while the one-half and one-quarter ounce coins fell to their lowest levels in ten years.experienced a decline from the prior year’s mintages.

2001 Gold Eagle
2001 American Gold Eagle

As with the bullion coins, the 2001 Proof Gold Eagles (Buy on eBay) saw significant decreases in mintages. The one ounce, one-half ounce, and one-quarter ounce proof coins marked all time lows that continue to stand to this day. The reduced interest in Gold Eagles was likely due to a pull back in demand for precious metals combined with the impact of economic conditions, which may have reduced demand for collectible coins. The prices for some of the 2001 Gold Eagles reflect premiums due to the lower mintages and decreased availability.

During 2001, the price of gold experienced brief spikes amidst a steady march upwards. After beginning the year at $271 per ounce, the closing price at the end of the year would reach$276.50. Although this was only a moderate gain, importantly this would begin an uninterrupted string of ten years and counting for positive annual returns for gold.

2001 Gold Eagle Specifications

Date: 2001
Mint Mark: none (bullion), W (proof)
Composition: 91.67% gold, 3% silver, 5.33% copper
Weight ($25 Coin): 0.5454 troy oz (16.965 grams)
Diameter ($25 Coin): 1.063 inches (27.0 mm)
Thickness ($25 Coin): 0.085 inches (2.15 mm)
Designers: Augustus Saint-Gaudens (obverse), Miley Busiek (reverse)

2001 Gold Eagle Mintage

Bullion Mintage: 143,605 (1 oz), 48,047 ( 1/2 oz), 71,280 (1/4 oz), 269,147 (1/10 oz)
Proof Mintage: 24,555 (1 oz), 23,240 (1/2 oz), 25,613 (1/4 oz), 37,530 (1/10 oz)

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