2020 American Gold Eagle Coins

The United States Mint had a busy year. It launched its third curved coin commemorative series for the Basketball Hall of Fame and reopened the Presidential $1 Coin Series and $10 First Spouse Gold Series following the deaths of President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. In addition, the Mint for the first time issued quarters with privy marks for the 75th anniversary of the victory in World War II limited to two million for each design, issued Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles with the same privy marks and collaborated with the Royal Mint to issue coins for the 4000th anniversary of the Mayflower landing.

2020 American Gold Eagle

Gold had a very strong year, as did gold coin sales, hitting over $2,000 for the first time. It began the year at $1520.55 and finished at $1895.10 — an increase of 24.43% — with the year’s high being $2058.40 and the average being $1773.73.

Bullion Coin

Bullion American Gold Eagle (Buy on eBay) sales were strong in 2020, especially in the spring and summer months. Sales of the $50 coin saw a huge jump over 2019 of almost 640,000 coins, and sales of the fractional coins for the year were also very strong. They more than doubled for the $25 coin, tripled for the $10 and almost doubled for the $5 coin. Total sales were 747,500 ($50); 70,000 ($25); 106,000 ($10); and 350,000 ($5).

Proof Coin

The 2020-W Proof American Gold Eagles (Buy on eBay) went on sale March 19 with no mintage, product or order limits. The $50 piece was priced at the start at $2,175 and sold 3,866 coins; the $25 coin was priced at $1,105 and sold 3,234 coins; the $10 coin was priced at $565 and sold 3,45 coins; and the $5 coin was priced at $240 and sold 4,420 coins. Thee 4-coin set was priced at $4,040 and sold 2,953 coins. Those numbers were in dollar terms about $2 million more for just first day sales compared to the first four days of sales in 2019. For the year total sales were: 17,358 ($50); 14,020 ($25); 15,806 ($10); and 24,033 ($5).

Burnished Uncirculated Coin

The 2020-W Burnished Uncirculated American Gold Eagles (Buy on eBay) went on sale on November 19 with a product and mintage limit of 7,000 coins but no order limit. It was priced at $2,490, and total sales were 6,284.

2020 Gold Eagle Specifications

  • Date: 2020
  • Mint Mark: bullion (none), W: Proof and uncirculated
  • Composition: 91.67% gold, 3% silver, 5.33% copper
  • Weight ($50 gold): 1.0909 troy ounces (33.930 grams)
  • Diameter ($50 gold): 1.287 inches (32.7 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.13 inches (2.87 mm)
  • Designers: Augustus Saint-Gaudens (obverse), Mily Busiek (reverse)

2020 Gold Eagle Mintage

  • Bullion Mintage: 747,500 (1 oz), 70,000 (½ oz),106,000 (¼ oz), 350,000 (1/10th oz)
  • Proof Mintage: 17,358 (1 oz), 14,020 (½ oz), 15,806 (¼ oz), 24,033 (1/10th oz)
  • Burnished Uncirculated Mintage: 6,284

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